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The love for one’s own land at the service of those who come to visit it.

Le Cupole Decò is run by two brothers who, in love with their land, have decided to turn this love into a profession and to put it at the service of those who come and visit it.

Where we are located

PIAZZA VIGLIENA, Quattro Canti 400 mt. It was for a long time the heart of city life, the symbol of Spanish Urban reform, which gave magnificence to the main streets of old Palermo, Via Maqueda and Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Each one of the Quattro Canti has three overlaid orders (Doric, Ionic, Composite). These decorative features of the square, show decorative elements, which from the bottom to the top, develop on several levels and follow each other according to the principle of ascension from the world of nature to the celestial one: on the lowest floor, the fountains representing the rivers of the ancient city. Over them, the figures of Aeolus, Venus, Ceres and Bacchus, allegories of the 4 seasons, stand. On the medium floor, 4 kings stand out: Carlo V, Filippo II, Filippo III, Filippo IV. On the highest floor, there are 4 Saints of Palermo: Agata, Ninfa, Oliva and Cristina, each one protector and symbol of the neighbourhood behind.

PIAZZA PRETORIA and his fountain 450 mt. The square underwent changes and was enlarged when a fountain was placed in it. It was built in the years 1554-1555 by the Florentine Mannerist sculptor Camilliani. Throughout the eighteenth century and part of the nineteenth century it was considered a sort of depicting the corrupt town council, which saw in those images the reflection and questionable personalities of the time. The Palermitans nicknamed the square, even for the nakedness of the statues, "Piazza della Vergogna” (the square of Shame).

PIAZZA VERDI and Massimo Theatre 500 mt. It is the new city center that has replaced the traditional one of the Quattro Canti. The Massimo Vittorio Emanuele theatre is the biggest lyric opera house in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe, third in order of architectural grandeur after the Opéra National in Paris and the Staatsoper in Vienna. The exterior of the theatre has a monumental staircase at the sides of which two bronze lions are placed with allegories to the Tragedy by the sculptor Benedetto Civiletti and the Opera by the sculptor Maestro Cav. Mario Rutelli.

THE CATHEDRAL 800 mt. The Cathedral is one of the most characteristic areas of the city, its originality comes from the mixture of forms and styles in a single architectural body derived from different and multiple population who, over the centuries, alternated in Sicily. Built in 1184 at the will of the Archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio, in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption, it was built on a site that, until then, had hosted a previous place of worship: the Arab mosque during the period of Arab regency was converted into a Christian church following the Saracens’ expulsion and the Normans’ settlement. The entire city, with its history, shows a multiplicity of forms and techniques, including Roman, Greek, Arab, Norman, with the addition of Sicilian baroque.



Comfortable and quiet single, double-twin and triple rooms, equipped with private bathroom with shower and chromotherapy, air conditioning, minibar, plasma TV, hairdryer, courtesy set.

Private Services

The rooms are equipped with private bathroom with relaxing shower and chromotherapy.


The structure is suitable for single guests, couples and families, even with small children.

WiFi Free

The structure is entirely covered by free and fast Wi-Fi.

Tours and Trips

Possibily of paying daily excursions and minitours to the main sicilian tourist and naturalistic attractions.


The B & B Le Cupole Decò has quiet triple, double / twin and single rooms, with a warm and comfortable, elegant and quiet and modern and refined furnishings for a superior quality of sleep where guests will find attention to the order and the cleaning. The rooms, with city view, are equipped with private bathroom with shower and chromotherapy, air conditioning, minibar and plasma TV.


Triple Room
from € 70,00 to € 180,00

San Matteo

Double Room
from € 60,00 to € 150,00


Double-Twin Room
from € 60,00 to € 150,00

Santa Caterina

Double Room
from € 65,00 to € 160,00


Single Room
from € 40,00 to € 110,00



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